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totally simple usable recipe balances

directly from the developer

always correct recipes

always up-to-date recipes

always accurate weighing

always consistently good quality



Ideal for bakeries, confectioneries, butcheries and industry 

It has never been easier to weigh - you can make every recipe with our ingeniously simple recipe scale RezeptaLibra!

With our ingeniously simple recipe scale RezeptaLibra, you can weigh all recipes in any quantity. You simply enter the basic formulas directly into the recipe scale or in the supplied unit or even much easier: you import the recipes from your existing software. The recipe scale then calculates, exactly, every single ingredient. Switching to the next ingredient is only possible within the individual tolerances specified by you. Therefore, it is no longer possible to miscalculate or to forget the ingredients with our recipe scale. The recipe scale records every single weighing process - so you always have control.

We are specialist in the development of the genuinely simple recipe scale. In 2005, we developed the RezeptaLibra together with BÄKO and several bakeries. In the development, we have put special emphasis on a simple operation and a practical range of functions.

The recipe scale RezeptaLibra is suitable for:

  • small to medium bakeries
  • confectioneries
  • larger bakeries in the confectionery
  • butcher shops
  • industrial companies
Rezepturwaage RezeptaLibra - Ampelfarbsystem

Your advantages at a glance:

  • always correct recipes
  • always up-to-date recipes
  • always consistently good quality
  • always accurate weighing
  • ingeniously simple operation
  • in many languages ​​available