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About RezeptaLibra

here you will find:
• why the acquisition of a recipe scale is worthwhile.
• from which benefits you can profit.
• how easy it is to work with the RezeptaLibra.
• how the RezeptaLibra supports you in your everyday life.
• where you can use the RezeptaLibra.
• how you can work with the RezeptaLibra.
• how you can individually assemble your recipe scale


Why is it worth buying a recipe scale?

  • Consistently good quality when weighing recipes
  • No more miscalculating possible
  • Customized production
  • Time saving, as all ingredients are exactly calculated immediately
  • Always up-to-date recipes
  • Cost savings in expensive raw materials
  • Motivation of employees and apprentices through modern technology

What advantages do you benefit from?

  • Easy to use
  • Overview
  • Import of recipes from your existing software possible
  • Tested - from the cooperation with bakeries and BÄKO
  • Quickly ready for use
  • Can be customized according to your individual needs
  • You determine the tolerance per ingredient
  • You choose the unit (kg, portions, liters, breads, sheets, kneaders, batch, ...)
  • Different expansion stages and versions available
  • Really strong value for the price


How do you work with the recipe scale RezeptaLibra?

  • Display red
  • Target weight not yet reached
  • Next ingredient not yet released


  • Display yellow
  • Target weight almost reached
  • Next ingredient not yet released


  • Display green
  • Target weight within tolerance
  • Next ingredient released


With this clear display, you always have everything in view!

  • the current ingredient
  • the target weight is first
  • the actual weight is second
  • the fill level
  • the recipe name
  • all ingredients with quantity indication
  • Ingredients that have already been weighed and which that are still missing




How does the recipe scale RezeptaLibra support you in everyday life?

With the recipe scale RezeptaLibra from the company Gebert Systems, you can weigh each recipe with any exact quantity, error-free and without calculating in your head. The recipe scale RezeptaLibra calculates the required amount of each individual ingredient for the desired recipe quantity independently and, of course, exactly. Switching to the next ingredient is only possible within the individual tolerances specified by you. On request, your employees receive additional processing instructions for important ingredients or complete baking instructions for recipes.

  • any desired recipes and ingredients can be stored
  • the recipe must be processed "ingredient for ingredient" within specified tolerances
  • easy adding by automatic "taring" after each ingredient
  • Protocol and journal function, operator control - perfect means of quality assurance
  • Office module, task book, scale network
  • Data exchange via USB stick, network or WLAN
  • Recipes can also be entered directly to the balance
  • Recipes can easily be changed by yourself
  • Processing instructions per ingredient is possible
  • any length of processing instructions per recipe can be stored
  • Batch number management, batch traceability
  • Connection of a recipe printer for printing recipes, work sheets
  • Administration of production amount per recipe is possible (large bread, small bread, ...)
  • and many more features

Where can you use the recipe scale RezeptaLibra?

  • small to medium bakeries
  • confectioneries
  • larger bakeries for weighing small components
  • larger bakeries as a complement to existing technology
  • butcher shops
  • smaller industrial companies

How do you work with the recipe scale RezeptaLibra?

  • Enter the recipes on the PC.
  • Transfer the recipes to the RezeptaLibra

Then you are ready to get started.

  • Select the recipe and quantity.
  • Weighing ingredient for ingredient exactly.


Set up your RezeptaLibra individually:

We only use high-quality industrial touch panels, as well as high-performance and robust scales for your recipe scale. The RezeptaLibra has been in use for more than 10 years. Your recipe scale RezeptaLibra does not have any mechanically moving parts such as hard disk or fan, so it is ideally suited for use in your bakery

Choose depending on the application, budget and security requirements:

1. Touch panel
  • IP 65 Protection on the front
  • IP 65 Protection on 5 sides
  • IP 65 Protection all round
  • Steel case in black or stainless steel
  • Display sizes from 5-15 "
2. Maximum load and accuracy
  • 30 kg maximum load, 1 g accuracy
  • 30 kg maximum load, 2 g accuracy
  • 60 kg maximum load, 5 g accuracy
  • 150 kg maximum load, 10g accuracy
  • 300 kg maximum load, 20g accuracy
  • open end ...
3. Platform size
  • Table scale 355x305mm
  • Table scale 550x420mm
  • Table scale 650x500mm
  • Floor scale 1000x1000mm
  • Floor scale 1250x1250mm
  • Floor scale 1500x1500mm
  • ...
4. Other modules
  • Office module for data management and evaluation on PC
  • Task book
  • Import module
  • Confectionery module
  • Batch management module
  • Printing unit with external recipe printer
  • Communication module to connect many scales on many locations
5. Design type
  • Touch panel with wall bracket and separate table scale
  • Touch panel with table bracket and separate table scale
  • Compact all-in-one recipe scale

Individual customization desired? Contact us!

We are manufacturer and developer of the recipe scale RezeptaLibra and can respond to your personal requirements. We just need to know them.

Your recipe scale RezeptaLibra is ready!