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New in version 1.16:
Expansion to 20 production quantities per recipe
The settings can now be set directly in the recipe scale via a service mode and with the touch keypad.
It is possible to easily import a clean backup into the new service mode.
For certain ingredients, it is possible to adjust the weight of the ingredients weighed over the scale and not weighing them anymore, but only confirming them. For example, in the case of flour, the flour should weigh (for example) 5 kg with the scale and, starting at 5 kg, the flour is released over the silo.
Parts of ingredients and the unfolding of subrecipes now goes through the indicator element and the ingredient name.
Automatic printing of intermediate labels (for example during parking) possible
Permanent display of the recipe processing instructions below the recipe display possible
The recipe scale is now also available in a branch version with branch manager. Automatic import of the recipes from the store manager. Automatic export of the analyzes to branch managers. Communication via Internet, VPN, Dropbox, own server or USB stick possible.
Automatic import of recipes at log-in possible
Touch keypad improved
Troubleshooting: The evaluation of the accuracy and speed per operator works again.
Batch numbers can be reset after a certain time and must be entered again.
Office unit: The BBN interface can now also import subrecipes.
"Salt function for butcher version" When cured meat instead of meat is added to a recipe, the salt content of the recipe is reduced.
When weighing, subrecipes can be "opened" when desired. This allows you to weigh a subrecipe as an ingredient or the individual ingredients of the subrecipe.
For branch version: input of a water factor per branch possible to take into account the regional flour qualities.
New temperature logging / water chilling temperature recommendation: Several temperatures (such as: room temperature, flour temperature, sour dough temperature ...) can be stored according to the customer's requirements. It can be stored for each temperature whether it is requested during weighing or after certain time intervals (every hour, every 4 hours, once a day, ...). The temperatures are logged. After the weighing process, the actual temperature of the dough can be stored afterwards. In later weighing processes of this recipe, the scale proposes the most suitable water temperature based on the recorded temperatures.
An ice content can be stored during the dough temperature recording.
Query of the temperatures is now also possible at the push of a button.
Automatic display of the processing reference window at the end of the recipe.
The office module can now be protected with a password.

New in version 1.15:
Recipes can now be parked over several scales. A recipe can now be parked on scale 1 and continued on another.
The task book is now more capable to weigh. Thus, several recipe scales and the office module can access the task book at the same time.
There is a new possibility to exchange recipes and evaluations between the office module and the scales. The manual selection of the import is omitted. The recipes are made available to the scales at the push of a button from the office module, the scales look for new and changed recipes at every login and import them automatically.
Automatic logging off of the user after each recipe possible on request.

New in version 1.13:
for basic doughs, you can display and print the quantity distribution on the recipes from the task book
production quantities are now also available in the task book
automatic dividing of ingredients (maximum weight, flour bag sizes) is now also possible in the task book
better display of recipes with many ingredients
optional control entering the batch number
optional reminder on parked recipes when you log out
weighing journal can now be exported

New in version 1.12:
parting of ingredients possible during weighing
"weighing out" the ingredients from containers possible

New in version 1.11:
optional automatic conversion to flour bag sizes (28kg of wheat flour equals a 25kg flour bag and 3kg wheat flour)
improvement of the task book
manual selection of table and floor scale possible
new "dough in dough" function
connection of further bakery programs

New in version 1.10:
optional product traceability and batch numbers for raw materials
recipes can be stored on scale as not active
various designs for recipe printing possible
individual import specifications possible
optional printing of a control copy at the end of the recipe

New in version 1.09:
various detail improvements

New in version 1.08:
different production quantities per recipe possible
automatic division of a too heavy ingredient to two or more weighing processes
permanent monitoring of the maximum load of the scale
from April 2012: import of recipes from BroTplus and Optiback
from September 2012: import of recipes from BBN

New in version 1.07:
simultaneous connection of floor and table scales possible
connection of ADE scale platforms
multilingual capability
from June 2011: basic dough calculation in the task book
from July 2011: calculation of required ingredients

New in version 1.06:
automatic switching to the next ingredient possible on request

New in version 1.05:
processing instructions for recipes also possible with images
open HTML interface for own applications
built-in calculator
weekday specifications for task book

New in version 1.04:
consumption analysis of ingredients over any period of time
long processing notes for each recipe can be stored and printed
optional fixed tolerances adjustable

New in version 1.03:
data exchange via USB possible
free weighing possible without recipe

New in version 1.02:
secure database for recipes

New in version 1.01:
recipes can be parked and recalled later
weighing of liquids possible
secure copy of recipes possible